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University Club


The Student Meals Department is responsible for ensuring and carrying out the necessary tasks in order to offer meals to students of the Institution, in accordance with the decisions and orders of the Ministry of Education and the Administration of the Institution, and more specifically:

  • Preparing and carrying out tenders for awarding the catering of meals to University’s students to Student Restaurants located in university buildings or to private restaurants in the area.
  • Monitoring the contracts concluded between the University Club and the contractor restaurateurs for the catering of meals to students.
  • Receiving and checking the supporting documents of students entitled to free meals, according to the applicable provisions and granting of the right to free meals, with their necessary information.
  • Checking invoices of services rendered and the daily number of students served, for the payment of the contractors.

The Student Meals Department is located on the 4th floor of the University Club, at 15 Ippokratous Street , (Tel. +30 210-3688216, +30 210-3688253).

Meal applications are submitted online at

Instructions and advice regarding the electronic submission of meals applications

Below you can find instructions and advice regarding the proper and successful submission of the online application:

  1. You can find the tax return (administrative tax assessment deed) in electronic format (.pdf file type) at (enter with the TAXIS access codes).
  2. The family status and birth certificates and the Solemn Statements can be found online at (.pdf file type - enter with the TAXIS access codes)
  3. Students can also take a photograph of the documents (with their mobile phone or digital camera or scanner) and submit them in .jpg format, making sure that the size of each photograph is no bigger than 2Mbytes (2048 Kbytes) and that it is clear.
  4. Any fields not already filled in must be filled in by the students themselves, for example the “Admission Method”, where the student chooses between “Pan-Hellenic examinations”, “Athletes”, “Transfer”, “Special categories”, etc.
  5. The photograph size can be easily changed with the Paint 3D application pre-installed in all Windows 10 versions.